Communications list

Presentation code Title Presentation format Presenting author Session name Presentation date
O-1 Activation of the cation channel TRPM3 in sensory nerves induces vasodilation of resistance arteries Oral Lucia Alonso Symposium 1 15/05/2019
O-2 Increasing temperature activates TREK potassium channels in nodose ganglion neurons Oral Lola Rueda Symposium 1 15/05/2019
O-3 A high-throughput patch clamp method to investigate Piezo1 channels from healthy and anaemic red blood cells Oral María G. Rotordam Symposium 1 15/05/2019
O-4 Fragile X mental retardation protein differentially regulates the biophysical properties of BK channels Oral Aravind Kshatri Symposium 2 16/05/2019
O-5 The TRPV4 channel links calcium influx to DDX3X activity and viral infectivity Oral Pablo Doñate Symposium 2 16/05/2019
O-6 Cardiac sodium current is severely impaired in induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes from Brugada Syndrome patients Oral Fabiana Scornik Symposium 2 16/05/2019
O-7 Mitochondrial Kv1.3 channels in apoptosis Oral Jesusa Capera Symposium 2 16/05/2019
O-8 Beneficial effects of paricalcitol on cardiac dysfunction and deleterious remodeling after established heart failure Oral Carmen Delgado Symposium 3 16/05/2019
O-9 Essential role of Orai1 and Saraf in vascular remodeling Oral Marta Martín Symposium 3 16/05/2019
O-10 Calcium dependent Chloride Channels (CaCC) as a target of a bacterial toxin Oral Carles Solsona Symposium 3 16/05/2019
O-11 NMDAR and BK channels form Ca2+ nanodomains in basal dendrites of barrel cortex layer 5 pyramidal neurons to control synaptic excitability and plasticity Oral Ricardo Gómez Symposium 3 16/05/2019
O-12 EFHB regulates store-operated calcium entry, migration and proliferation in breast cancer cells Oral Isaac Jardín Symposium 4 16/05/2019
O-13 Reversing Ca2+ channel remodeling in colon cancer cells by polyamine biosynthesis inhibition Oral Lucía G. Gutiérrez Symposium 4 16/05/2019
O-14 Dysregulation of ion channels expression associated with the adverse cardiac remodeling due to heart revascularization Oral Isabel Mayoral Symposium 4 16/05/2019
O-15 A new role for adenylate cyclase 8 as modulator of store-operated calcium entry Oral José J. López Symposium 4 16/05/2019
O-16 BIN1 induces the formation of T-tubules, Cav1.2 channel clusters and adult-like Ca2+ release units in developing cardiomyocytes Oral Sendoa Tajada Symposium 5 17/05/2019
O-17 Endoplasmic reticulum-plasma membrane junctions hub the Iks complex Oral Clara Serrano Symposium 5 17/05/2019
O-18 Low-throughput evaluation of novel Cav2.1-modulators to treat Hemiplegic Migraine Oral Mercè Izquierdo Symposium 6 17/05/2019
O-19 Identification of IQM-266, a novel DREAM ligand that modulates KV4 currents Oral Diego A. Peraza Symposium 6 17/05/2019
P-1 Study chronic effect of 17-b-estradiol over trp channels in nociceptor terminals in microfluidic chambers. Poster David Alarcón Alarcón Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-2 In vivo role of TRP channels in an experimental model of chronic migraine. Poster S Gonzalez Rodriguez Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-3 Expression of the cold thermoreceptor TRPM8 in peripheral sensory neurons: evidence for distinct subpopulations Poster Pablo Hernández Ortego Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-4 Expression of the cold thermoreceptor TRPM8 in mouse brain circuits involved in thermal homeostasis Poster Pablo Hernández Ortego Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-5 Comprehensive biophysical assays: From single channel electrophysiology to overall cell behavior Poster Conrad Weichbrodt Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-6 Role of GirK channels in dorsal hippocampus functionality Poster Souhail Djebari Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-7 Ion transport in confined geometries below the nanoscale: interfacial effects and scaling behavior in membrane channels. Poster Vicente M. Aguilella Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-8 Deciphering the PKA-dependent Kv1.3 endocytosis Poster Irene Estadella Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-9 S-Acylation of the regulatory Kvβ2.1 subunit Poster Silvia Cassinelli Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-10 The calmodulin-binding domain of KCNE4 is responsible for the association with Kv1.3 Poster Laura Solé Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-11 Distance constraints on activation of TRPV4 channels by AKAP150-bound PKCα in arterial myocytes. Poster Sendoa Tajada Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-12 Mechanisms linking Kv1.3 to proliferation Poster Pilar Cidad Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-13 Activation of Calcium dependent Chloride Channels (CaCCs) by Epsilon toxin from Clostridium perfringens through the required accessory MAL protein. Poster Mercè Cases Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-14 KV1.3 channel inhibition by indolic compounds in chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells Poster María Baena-Nuevo Alba Vera-Zambrano Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-15 Biophysical interaction of NMDAR and BK channels in heterologous systems. Poster Alberto J. Gonzalez-Hernandez Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-16 Development and optimization of BK-cpGFP Ca2+ sensors. Poster Belinda Rivero-Perez Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-17 Role of the Neuronal BKβ4 Subunit in the Formation of Calcium Nanodomains Constituted by BK and Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels Poster Alejandro Cerrada Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-18 Functional implications of L-type calcium channels association with neuronal lipid rafts Poster Carlos Gutierrez-Merino Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-19 Calcium dependent control of mucin secretion Poster Gerard Cantero-Recasens Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-20 Proteomics-based gene disease associations and drug discovery approaches to understand elusive roles for TRPV2 in central nervous system. Poster Alex Perálvarez-Marín Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-21 Effects of aging on K+ and Ca2+ currents and glucose-regulated Ca2+ signals in mouse pancreatic alpha and beta-cells. Poster Ivan Quesada Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-22 Role of LTCCs and alterations in Ca2+ dynamics in a rat model of subarachnoid haemorrhage Poster Gonzalo Revilla-González Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-23 Aging enhances expression of IP3 receptors and ER-mitochondria colocalization leading to Ca2+ remodelling in rat hippocampal neurons Poster Elena Hernando-Pérez Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-24 Illuminating transcriptomic analysis of calcium remodeling in colorectal cancer cells Poster Enrique Pérez-Riesgo Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-25 ORAI1 translocation to the leading edge triggered by RAC1 potentiates lamellipodia formation and cell migration Poster Noelia Espinosa-Bermejo Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-26 STIM1 regulates ITPR3 levels and controls ER-mitochondria Ca2+ shuttling Poster Carlos Pascual-Caro Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-27 SOCE is essential for leukemia and breast cancer cell migration Poster Ginés M. Salido Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-28 Progesterone induces Ca2+ entry in triple negative MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells by a mechanism involving STIM2, Orai1 and TRPC1. Poster Pedro C. Redondo Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-29 Store operated Ca2+ entry and Angiogenesis Poster Isabel María Galeano-Otero Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-30 Role of ARC in the physiology of the MDA-MB-231 cells Poster Carlos Cantonero Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-31 Assesing the role of SOCE in proliferation in cancer cells Poster José Sánchez-Collado Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-32 Sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium release in human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes (iPS-CM) is enhanced by triiodothyronine and dexamethasone-induced maturation. Poster David Carreras Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-33 Kv1.3 channel blockade improves insulin resistance and reduces risk of arrhythmia in a type 2 diabetic animal model Poster Oscar Casis Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-34 Transmural ventricular biopsies to reliably characterize normal human ventricular electrophysiology from living donors Poster A. Oliván-Viguera Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-35 Mutations in KCNQ1, KCNH2 and AKAP9 in a family with congenital long-QT syndrome type 1 Poster Maria Rosa Pezzotti Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-36 Regulation of Kv1.3 to Kv1.5 ratio modulates vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation in human vessels. Poster Marycarmen Arévalo-Martínez Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-37 Regulation of vascular tone in a mice model of essential hypertension: role of calcium-dependent chloride channels Poster Nuria Daghbouche-Rubio Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-38 Riluzole, BL-1249 AND ML67-33 induce a TREK-like potassium outward current in parasympathetic neurons of the mouse intracardiac ganglion Poster S. Herrera-Pérez Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-39 Trafficking of the cardiac voltage-gated sodium channel is dependent on N-glycosylation of its β2 subunit. Poster Eric Cortada Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-40 Bisphenol A regulates NaV1.7 ramp currents through activation of estrogen receptor α and PI3K in mouse dorsal root ganglion neurons. Poster Minerva Gil-Rivera Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-41 Remodeling of mice macrophages induced by trabectedin Poster Diego A. Peraza Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-42 Electrophysiological effects of IQM-266 on KV1.5 channels Poster Ángela de Benito-Bueno Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-43 Inhibition of muscle-type nicotinic acetylcholine receptors by the alkaloid peimine Poster Armando Alberola-Die Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-44 A new family of chiral heterocyclic compounds that blocks the TRPM8 activation. Poster Cristina Martín Escura Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-45 IQM-PC332, a novel DREAM ligand with analgesic effect on experimental peripheral nerve injury- and diabetes-induced pain. Poster Antonio R. Artalejo Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-46 First evidence of voltage-gated sodium channel blockade by the marine toxins azaspiracids. Poster Andrea Boente-Juncal Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-47 Comparative effects of synthetic ciguatoxin CTX3C, gambierone and 44-methylgambierone (MTX3) on voltage-gated sodium channels. Poster Andrea Boente-Juncal Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-48 Cisplatin induces apoptosis by targeting mitochondria in human promyelocytic leukaemia HL-60 cells Poster Sergio Villa Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-49 Pro-apoptotic effects of a thiazoline-containing Pd(II) complex in human promyelocytic leukaemia HL-60 cells Poster Javier Espino Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019
P-50 Brugada Syndrome and long QT syndrome can be caused by mutations in the gene encoding the Tbx5 transcription factor Poster Ricardo Caballero Poster Sesion 16-17/05/2019