Instructions for the presentation of Oral Communications and Posters

The abstracts of accepted communications for oral or poster presentations, as well as the symposia and plenary lectures, will be available online in pdf format prior to the Meeting on the website of RECI VII.

Oral communications

Oral communications will be distributed throughout the different symposia of the congress according to the closest scientific area. Simposia 1-4 will include 4 oral presentations while symposia 5 and 6 will include 2 oral presentations.

The program used for the presentations will be PowerPoint. The presentations must be created using a horizontal page format (landscape) and a standard 4:3 ratio. Use a standard font type, such as Times New Roman, Helvetica, or Arial. Unusual font types may not be recognized by the computer used during the presentation. We advise that, once assembled, reproduce the presentation on a different computer to ensure that the sources used are standard, and that components such as video files have been conveniently included or linked in the PowerPoint presentation.

The presenting authors must bring their presentations stored in a USB memory device and must load the presentation at least 30 minutes before the start of the session. The Garcia Matos room will have a PC equipped with PowerPoint software and USB ports to connect external storage devices, a video projector, a projection screen, an audio system with microphones and a laser pointer. In the room there will also be technical staff that will provide assistance for the reproduction of your presentation. During the presentation, the presentation will be controlled by the speaker. The presenters will have 10 minutes for their presentation, in English, followed by 5 minutes debate moderated by the chairman of the session.


Accepted communications for presentation as poster will be assigned a code and a corresponding panel. The posters will be exhibited in the panels located in the Garcia Matos Cloister with a vertical orientation.

The poster dimension must not exceed a size of 90 cm wide x 120 cm high.

Posters, presented in English, should contain the following information: title, author(s) and affiliation(s) (at the top of the poster), and the main body of the poster: summary, introduction, materials and methods, results, references and acknowledgements.

To ensure clarity, the poster background must be a solid color (including white) and must not include a pattern or image.

All text in the poster, including figure legends, should be easily readable at a distance of 2 meters. A font size of at least 48 pt is recommended for the Title and at least 28 pt for the rest of the text. The name of the presenting author should appear underlined.

The Organization will provide adhesive material for fixing the posters. The posters should be exhibited during the whole meeting. The presenting authors must remain with their posters during the coffee breaks and the poster party, to explain their study and resolve any questions that may arise. The authors are responsible for fixing their own posters at the beginning of the meeting and their withdrawal at the end of the meeting. The posters that have not been withdrawn at the end of the meeting will be discarded by the Organization.